May 2005 (English Edition)
September 2003 (Korean First Edition)

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 15.3 × 22.3cm
Length: 272pages

English, Korean

Kyobo No. 1 Bestseller in the Philosophy category (Oct. 2003 – Nov. 2003)
Aladdin Online Bookstore Bestseller
Steady seller in all major bookstores nation-wide


Mind Is the Whole of the Universe
World beyond World
The Kingdom of Light
Dialogues on God, Existence, and the Truth

World Beyond World

What is the mind? What does it mean to “discard minds” and how can we discard our minds? The book answers these questions through 144 discourses on the topics of self-entity and life, the mind and the Truth. “The fundamental solution to resolve all worldly conflicts peacefully is to change people’s consciousness to the consciousness of the Truth” says Woo Myung, who through this book, speaks of how this can be done, and explains the limitless and eternal spiritual world one arrives at after one becomes the Truth. A question and answer section is also included from meetings held with academics and religious leaders.

Book Excerpts:

Our past lives are our present lives, and our present lives are our future lives.
The way people live reflect what they hold in their minds. They each live according to their framework of mind. In the past, we lived with the same minds that we are living with now, and we will live the future with these same minds. Our mind then, now or later are all the same. Only when we escape from this mind can the past, present, and future become one.

The Story about Book:

“World Beyond World” refers to the complete world of the Truth. The brush painting depicting the world beyond this world is shown on the book cover. The book contains answers to questions of enlightenment, the Universe, life, death, and existence that anyone would have asked while engaged in serious introspection; and it is written in the author’s uniquely clear and logical writing style.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: