Artistic Works

Wrote and composed by Woo Myung

On an autumn day in the year 2000, Woo Myung wrote and composed 22 songs, which he sang himself and named “The Songs of Heaven.”
All 22 songs were written and composed in a day. These songs, which are easy enough for anyone to sing along to, can be written in both Western and Eastern musical notation. They are simple and repetitive but have catchy melodies which put the focus on the meaning of the lyrics.
These songs speak of the mind and life from the viewpoint of Truth, as well as lyrically describing the life of heaven. Listening and singing along to them help to awaken one’s mind toward one’s original nature and Truth. These songs are the musical personification of Woo Myung’s mind and a wish for all people to become one and live in the true world.

Music List