What Is the Existence of Truth?

Worldly preconceptions teach us that the Truth is something that is eternal and never-changing. I, too, teach that the Truth is eternal, never-changing, and alive. I also teach what worldly preconceptions do not – what the existence of the Truth is. It is the place before all material forms were created; in other words, the Truth is the emptiness that remains when you take away everything in the sky that is the Universe – the stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth and even all material substances from the air.

The Truth, the emptiness, is an existence that is alive; it existed before the beginning, exists now, and will continue to exist for all eternity. This existence is the origin of the Truth. Everything that exists in the world appeared from this place of non-existence. Since all creations came from this existence, they are this existence regardless of whether they exist.

This existence always just exists, but man cannot see or know this existence that is the origin and the source, because it does not exist in his mind. The human mind is a mind that takes pictures of the world. The sky or the universe inside a picture is not alive, which is why man is not able to know it. It is not possible to see or know this existence unless one’s mind becomes one with it.

This existence is the living God, which existed before the beginning of time and which will continue to exist, after the whole world has disappeared. Religions call this existence the God, the Buddha, the Allah, and the Creator, among other things. This existence is the master of the world that created the entire Universe. All material forms in this world come from and go back to this existence; this is the Truth and the way of the world. Where do all the numerous people, animals, and plants go after living on the earth? They have vanished, have they not? They have gone back to the place of non-existence, the emptiness, which is the origin and source of all things, isn’t that so? This is the way of the world. All things, regardless of whether they exist in material form, are always this existence.

The world can be reborn as the body and mind of the Truth in heaven – the world of this existence – when the existence of the Truth comes to this world in human form. The world of heaven is the eternally living land with no death. This world is a spiritual land beyond material existence. It is the land of the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit, the land of Dharmakaya and Sambhogakaya, and the land of the Spirit and Soul.

The heaven is the place where the material realm of this world has been reborn in the land of the origin as the Soul and Spirit of the origin. Nothing that is material in the world is eternal. However, the sky of the Universe – the existence of the Truth – is eternal. Therefore, only when one is reborn with the body and mind, the Jung and Shin of the original sky, which is the heaven amongst heavens, can he become the Truth and live for eternity. The Truth is that which exists; it is eternal, never-changing, and alive. The empty sky, where all material things have been eliminated, is the source, the essence, and the original Truth.