Truth, of All Things, Is the Universe Itself

This study enlightens one, and answers all questions one may have. People ask me how I enlightened. Because of my father’s death, I thought a lot about why people live and where people come from and return to. I had felt that when a person comes to this world and die, there is no meaning and it’s futile.

Before I turned 35, I read many books. Reading books was one of my daily activities. But I couldn’t gain any realization to understand about human mind from those books; I couldn’t accept this. I went seeking for masters in Jiri mountain and Taebak mountain, but still wasn’t able to enlighten.

Then, I was in Gaya mountain when I realized my destiny to teach the Truth.

The mind is the lived experiences of one’s self. The minds of people of the world are all different. The mind is identified as whatever that is currently in one’s mind, which arises as one’s thoughts. Through living one’s life, one has added in, this mind and that mind into the self. This mind is even added into each cell in one’s human body.

People talk, behave, and live, as much as what are in their minds. One cannot judge beyond what he has in his mind, which stores his life experiences and memories. One lives in this world according to what he has in his mind; no more and no less. One’s head could hurt because of too much minds in oneself.

The human mind is false, because one stores a shadow of his memorized, past experiences inside his mind, and lives according to that mind. From one’s perspective, he could be right, but from the vast perspective of the world, he could be wrong. Hence, this study is about changing the false mind to the original mind; through this, one could see and think properly.

The original mind is the Truth, the God, the Buddha, the true mind, the sky, and the Allah. In this world, there is no one who knows the Truth. The Truth is everlasting. This existence is alive.

Let’s find the original mind. It is the original nature and the parents of all things. In the Universe, there are stars, sun, moon, earth, and human beings. There are many things on earth.

In the Universe, there are many stars. The lifespans of the stars range from 5 to 14 billion years. Let’s say that, what exist now here on the earth along with the sun, the stars, and the moon, had existed forever and ever and ever ago. Then, all things disappeared according to their lifespans of 5 to 14 billion years. Now, what is the Truth?

Let’s assume that we are burning the whole Universe to an infinite degree forever and ever. Would the existence of the Universe still present? Yes.

If we smashed it with iron plate, would it disappear? No.

The Universe consists of the great Soul and Spirit. The emptiness itself is the Soul, and the sole God is the Spirit. Through the union of the Soul and the Spirit, all things came forth. Where did the star come From? From the Universe. Because it was named the Universe, we know it as the Universe; if you would change that name to the Creator, then it is the Creator. The mind is this itself. It is composed of the Soul and the Spirit; and it existed before the beginning and still exists after the end.

A person cannot live without being reborn as this Soul and Spirit itself. One judges the world inside his mind world that is according to his shape, from his perspective. Therefore, it is incorrect. He lives being controlled by the shape of his mind. He lives no more or less than his mind.

When a person does not have his individual mind, and is reborn as the original mind of the Universe, the Truth; there is no death because he is the Truth itself. He lives the lifespan of the Universe. The Universe just exists as it is; therefore, one could live forever as the Truth. The stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth are all inside of the self. The land of Truth exists within the self. Hence, one never dies.

This is the heaven. Then to become this existence, what should we do? To become this existence: through level 1 and 2, one must eliminate the mind. When one cleanses the darkness inside, he would be enlightened to the nonexistence of the mind and no separateness of the self from the Universe. The enlightenment only exists on the path to the Truth.

With the 4th and 5th levels, one is enlightened to the sole God, knowing the self is the Universe itself; with the 6th level, one is enlightened to the land of the Truth, the heaven, right here. With the 7th and 8th level, one becomes the Truth itself and lives forever. One must cleanse while he is alive.

I will show you the heaven and the hell. Last night, one dreamt there was a war. All of fellow soldiers were killed and only enemies were remaining. So, one fled. Blooded, he ran all night, thinking he would have a chance to live if he made it to the mountains fifty kilometers up ahead. Within a dream, would one know that it is a dream or not? One would not know. As he finally reached the mountains, he was shot by the enemy. When he woke up from the dream, there were no guns or the war. When continuing to live as the mind dictates, upon death, one would enter the nightmarish dream. Because one is in a dream, he doesn’t know he’s in a dream. He would live according to his delusions. When one is reborn as the Truth, the mind and the body would have the Soul and Spirit, and become the energy and the light of the Universe. Without changing to the energy and the light of the Universe, which is the Truth, one cannot live.

One becomes the wisdom itself when he is reborn as the Soul and Spirit. The heaven is within the self; and even when a human being dies, the Universe is as it is. The wisdom will come when one is the Soul and Spirit of the Universe. One will know everything, naturally. Do not live with sufferings and burdens in delusions. When concepts and habits of the self are all eliminated, the religions of the world become one. The Truth, of all things, is the Universe itself. It is the emptiness of the Universe itself.

Hong Kong Seminar on Feb 5, 2005