This book gives a hope of life.

Since I was young, I had many questions. Especially about the existence of world, I always had questions. It seemed definite that the world and I exist, but how did it all begin? How does this world exist? And going forward, would the world still continue to exist? With continuing of time, if the earth disappears, what would happen then? Through this book, I gained my answers. The author wrote very simply and clearly. The more I read, it was confirmed 100%. Nowhere before, it was explained this way. The world and I came from bon-ba-dak and return to bon-ba-dak. That the bon-ba-dak is the everlasting, living Truth. Because I am living in my own mind world, I am unable to live in the real world, which means that I am dead. All of those heros and saints were also gone…. But after reading the book, my sense of futility disappeared. This book informed me of a method to not only know Truth, but also to become one with Truth. This life was not life where one disappears after death. I now have become hopeful.

Min-jung Kang/Corporate staff/Seoul