May 2009 (English Edition)
October 2006 (Korean First Edition)

Format: Paper Cover
Size: A5
Length: 414pages

English, Korean

Kyobo Bestseller List, Yes24 Bestseller List (Nov. 2006 – Feb. 2007)
Aladdin Online Bookstore Humanities Section Bestseller #2 (Nov. 2006 – Feb. 2007)


The Real And The False
Why Humans Live And What Humans Live For
Human Completion

The Way To Become A Person in Heaven While Living

Why are we born, where do we come from, and where do we return to after we die? These fundamental life questions which everyone asks themselves at one point in their lives are answered here in this book. As the direct title tells us, “How To Become A Person Of Heaven While Living”, we must reach the heaven we dream of while we are still living this life, as it is not a place that we automatically get to after death. He also tells us that this is the reason and purpose of our birth and earnestly urges us to travel that path together.

Book Excerpts:

While we are alive, we sustain our bodies from the food we eat, but it is possible to live eternally even after the physical death of our bodies by being reborn as the Truth that is the Energy and God of the Universe. This existence is absent of death, does not have a beginning or an end; it is the sky before the sky. This existence is alive; it is the very Soul and Spirit. A person who has been reborn as this existence has been born as the Truth, and as such death does not exist for him. He is an eternal immortal and lives in the world of the Truth that is heaven. Without becoming this existence while one is alive, there is no way to live eternally.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: