The Way for All Mankind to Become One

Different Forms, Minds of Oneness

In the world, there are endless wars between nations, religious wars, and religious infighting. There are ideological conflicts because everyone’s thoughts are different, and in philosophy everyone’s opinions differ also.

People make enemies of those who hold opinions that are different from theirs, and they fight until there is a winner. This happens because people are not complete and they only know their own point of view. The way for all wars to cease, for all people, all religions, philosophies and ideologies to become one is to have all people become resurrected with the complete consciousness of the Truth. When everyone becomes complete, they may look different and have different appearances, but they will be one because they will be of one mind. Religions, philosophies and ideologies will unite because instead of being viewed from each individual’s perspective, they will be viewed from the perspective of Truth that is complete.

The Way for Mankind to Live Well

For mankind to be able to live well, people must have the true consciousness. The true consciousness is the mind of God, which is righteous. The more human civilization develops materially and the more developed a country becomes, the higher the incidents of crime, drug use and suicide. People, whose minds hold a lot of falseness, chase false things until eventually they die. When people come to their “original senses” or when they become the original mind, people are less busy. This is because even while they work, they do so with a secure mind ? the mind of one. They are able to work without stress and difficulties because they do not have human minds. A person, who has come to their true senses and has become the Truth, will live for others. If all of mankind discard their selves and live resurrected as the Truth, all people will live a life of one, a life of caring for others. This is the way for all mankind to live well.

The Way Forward for Mankind

In each country, people live being governed by the laws made in the country where they reside. In Communist countries, it is people that govern, while in capitalist countries money governs over people. In any case, the laws that were made in order to make our lives comfortable have imprisoned us inside ourselves: they have had the adverse effect of trapping people within the law. That is why those with money and power live the “good” life, while those who are poor and weak struggle and live with hardships.

The mankind will be able to live as one when man discards his self and his mind world that are his conceptions and habits. “My” conceptions and habits are from one’s own perspective only. If a man lived with the big consciousness of God then he will live for others, concerned with the needs of other people. If the man did not live only for himself, there would be no need for the law and the world would become righteous.

The way for us to live joyfully and without conflict is for everyone in the human race to break down his own illusionary mind world; and be resurrected in the world of the Truth. Anything that we hold in our minds becomes suffering. When we live with the true freedom of not possessing, the world will become a place of never-ending laughter – it will become a place of oneness.

The way forward for the mankind is for all people to repent. The human mind is not one with the world, and repentance is the way to become one with the mind of the world.