The Practice that Enables You to Love Your Enemies

I have traveled all over the world to give lectures, and I continue to do so to this day. The content of the talks I give is the following: I prove to people that they live in a false world of their own minds; that they have made through copying the world and the lives they have lived. And I tell them that the true world exists once they escape from this fake picture world; and furthermore, without being resurrected in the true world, they cannot live eternally. I also tell them that to become saints, they must cleanse their sins and karma and be reborn as the Truth. Most people seem to understand this. I tell them that the Truth is an existence that is eternal and never-changing; and that the world of the Truth is a world that lies beyond the complete death of one’s self. I also ask them to imagine that they had not been born in the world, and then when I ask them if the Universe would still exist, they nod. I then ask them to imagine that all material entities in the Universe had not been created. I ask them again whether the empty sky still exists, and they again all nod. I tell them that this empty sky is the Creator, the God, the Buddha and the Allah. When a person dies after living eighty years in the world, he disappears. That is, he no longer exists. I tell people that the empty sky, which is the origin, the source and the Truth, existed an eternity ago, exists now; and that from the perspective of the empty sky, a man lives a life that is comparable to a split second and then vanishes, to which they all agree. Doesn’t the empty sky simply just exist, regardless of whether a man exists? The things that existed ten million years ago, such as trees, rabbits, deer, lions and people, didn’t they all disappear? It is the way of the world, and the Truth, that everything comes from the origin, the original foundation, and returns to it. I tell them that only a person who changes his false human mind to the real mind of God, by discarding the false mind; and he who is reborn in the land of God while he is living, can live forever. I tell them that they must become the mind of the empty sky – the mind of the God and the Buddha – and in the land born of this substance, they must also be reborn as this substance, in order to live as an eternal never-dying immortal. In the world, only the existence of the empty sky is eternal, and in the land of this existence, a place of eternity does not exist without being reborn as its substance. One’s vague notions of heaven are just his own delusions. The conclusion is that one must change his false mind into the real mind and be reborn in the world of the real mind. It is discarding of one’s false self, so that his real self may be born. When people listen to this talk, they often compare and analyze what they have heard with what they know, or their religious conceptions. However there were people who were willing to give it a chance if such a method existed, and many people began practicing. A person who attended one of the seminars had tried many different things in order to become the Truth, including the major world religions as well as many various different forms of meditations. Despite his efforts, he was unable to love his enemies and become free from his likes and dislikes. When he listened to the talk, he realized his self was false and he began practicing the Maum Meditation. When I returned to the area sometime later, I asked him whether he felt he was able to love his enemies, and whether he still had likes and dislikes in his mind. He replied that he no longer had likes and dislikes and was able to love his enemies. I asked whether he has attained everything and become the Truth, and he replied that indeed, he has attained everything and has become the Truth. The Maum Meditation is a method and practice where, as much as one has practiced and cleansed his mind, one truly becomes able to love his enemies.