The path toward the Truth

Leonardo Poma Reynoso / Engineer/ Buenos Aires, Argentina

When I was young, I never really experienced any hardship. In other words, I was fortunate that I was able to have things I wanted including a good family and health. But my mind was never at ease. I always had difficulty falling asleep and worried chronically about everything. I was worrying about other people and also things didn’t even happened yet. At first, I thought it was amusing to be worried about things before they occurred. But as years went on, all of what I learned in life and schools became my expectations which I had to meet.

Of course, nothing was working out the way I expected and I started to get angry and hurt, even for the smallest, trite matters. Eventually, I developed depression. I always felt inadequate and unsatisfied. And to fill the void, I always sought out something to do, it didn’t matter whether it was negative or positive. Sometime I felt better, but it was transient and only for the moment.

It was as if my life was on a roller coaster. I was hurting people around me and I felt that I was poisonous person. I started to have health problems, but I was told it was related to stress. Then I thought I might improve if I changed my environment or behaviors, and moved to Buenos Aires to study at a graduate school. For about a year, I was happy despite being very busy studying, working, meeting new people, and learning something new. But this did not last. I started to experience health problems, depression, and dissatisfaction with my life. I worked constantly without breaks and sought out a way to fill the void I felt, but I always felt worse afterwards.

When I decided to meditate, my personal physician gave me the brochure for the meditation. I reserved for introductory seminar and noticed the meditation center was close to my home. After hearing the seminar, I felt that this was a path I was always seeking, a way to arrive at the Truth.

With my typical pattern of many suspicions and doubts, I started the meditation. But as I applied the method, I found that my false, selfish mind caused me to have inadequacy, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness. I had not expected myself to experience those dramatic transformations as other meditation students at the center. But others, not just me, also were able to notice a lot of changes in me.

For the first time I had a clean mind and upon accepting that I am one with the world and other people, I was really very happy. I started to be generous about everything; and my work and all things were really improved. All my health problem also disappeared. Now I do not compete with the world. I live happily accepting my life and everyone in my surroundings. I can say confidently and definitely, that this is the right path and that I am very much at peace.

If I had continued to live my old life prior to the meditation, my life wouldn’t have been good. I would have continued to hurt people around me. I am so grateful for changes in my life and my attitude. I think everyone should try this meditation.

This meditation method is very simple and applicable. But when you start, you will see in a short time its importance and genuineness. I recommend this to everyone, but especially for those who feel despair. You will find out how really important and positive this meditation is.