February 2013 (English Edition)
May 2004 (Korean First Edition)

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 15.7 × 21.7cm
Length: 368pages

English, Korean

Kyobo Bestseller (May 2004 – June 2004)


Part I
True Mind
Part II
Part III
The Time for Completion Has Come
Part IV
What Is True Love?
Part V
The Mind of God
Part VI
The Path to Truth

The Living Eternal World

Which entity lives eternally? It is none other than the pure Universe emptiness that existed before the beginning and which will exist after the world disappears. The Universe emptiness is filled with energy and light that cannot be seen with human eyes. This energy and light is the body and mind of the Universe and it is also our origin. Woo Myung tells us that anyone can be reborn with the body and mind of the Universe when they cleanse their self-centered human body and mind. When this happens, even if their physical bodies may one day disappear, the consciousness will live on eternally. Throughout the book, Woo Myung speaks of the everlasting and never-changing true mind and the true world.

Book Excerpts:

Oneness is completeness.
It is being without any lack whatsoever; it is having everything and living as all things.
It is the Truth so everything lives in the land of one; the Truth is completion.
The existence of the Truth enables the man, who is unable to be reborn as the Truth, to be born as the Truth in the true world and live as the Truth.
Truth that is oneness. Nature’s flow that is oneness. Jung and Shin that is oneness. Mind that is oneness. Truth that is oneness.

The Story about Book:

The cover page is decorated by the author’s calligraphic painting. The painting is an expression of the living eternal world. The contents, consisting of extensive poems about the eternal living world of the Truth and the path to the Truth, were also narrated by the author and available in Korean audio discs.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: