The light entered my dark life

Edith Bogarin / Administrative assistant/ Los Angeles, USA

I was the type that would cry often when I was young. I was very sensitive and I felt embarrassed when I wasn’t doing something. I had a lot of anxiety and this was getting worse as years passed. I was never satisfied and always searched for something that would help me. I wanted to escape my head which always had so many distracting thoughts.

Often I would lay in bed from hours to days with always the same thoughts – how to solve problems. But I couldn’t find the answers and each time, I would feel depressed and had a sense of loss. I didn’t know what to do. But I felt there was something to my life; and that faith helped me to get up again and continue seeking answers.
My life was dismal. I went into treatments due to anxiety. I also partied, drank alcohol, and smoked cigarettes – I felt like I had to do something constantly. It was a careless life.

One day, I found a this meditation brochure on my desk. A helper gave me the brochure. I wasn’t interested in meditations before, but I felt I had to try it for some reason. I wanted to see if this was something I was seeking. I went to a seminar and I was able to hear everything they said clearly.
I was able to know what was in my mind. Life shouldn’t be difficult – I had imprisoned myself in my thoughts. Because my past has no life, there is no life in my mind. My mind was so complicated and was suffering from everything. The next day, I started the meditation.

This method subtracts useless things in the mind. It also clears it and helps you to know the everlasting life and the Truth. It’s been a year since I started the meditation. And my mind has become very clean. I no longer spend time in my bed and I have become very positive person. I do not cry or feel depressed. My relationships with family, friends, and colleagues became very good. Everyone asks me how was I able to change. Now I always smile and laugh more. I feel now that the darkness inside me is gone and a light resides within. If I didn’t have this opportunity, I am not sure how I would be now. The happiness I received from this meditation method makes me want to never return to my darkness again. The meditation gave me a new life and I will be eternally grateful to this meditation.