The Idealism

Thinking and Acting on the Truth

The idealism is the Truth itself; it is the state of completeness. To be ideal is to become the Truth; the idealism is when all of one’s thoughts and actions are oriented towards the Truth. It can also be said that an ideal life is when one is born as the Truth and lives as the Truth.

The idealism has not been realized in religions, even though they aim toward it because they do not have the method to get to the state of idealism. This is why what is ideal is spoken of, but it has yet to be achieved or reached. Scriptures have been interpreted by people who have not been to the ideal world and human thoughts have remade the scriptures, creating tens of thousands of different religious denominations. A true idealism is reaching the ideal world, and being reborn in the ideal world. Then, such a world will be realized.

The way to do this is to ignore and eliminate one’s false self. When one’s false self is gone, the origin exists and he is able to be reborn in the mind of the origin. This is the ideal world.

Imagine for a moment that you had never been born – doesn’t the world still exist? Even if the stars, the moon, the earth, and everything on the earth had not been created, the empty sky that is the emptiness still exists. This existence is the origin, the source, the God, and the Creator. When one returns to the mind of this existence itself, and is reborn here as the substance of the empty sky, this place is heaven, the ideal world.

The idealism is the thoughts, actions, and life of a person who has gone to this world. When the realization of idealism becomes possible, it will become an ideal world. The true ideal world is when the world becomes one mind; when the world lives as one without separation between people.