The first story in the world about Truth

When one seeks, he will gain as result. I was always questioning the reason why we are living. It’s been said that a famous monk who we all are familiar with, had said “Ugh, I am leaving having lived in vain” near his death. This isn’t just this monk’s story. This is for all of us who do not know the meaning of life. Through this book which I got to know coincidentally, I was able to know the amazing meaning of life and it also gave a breathing space to my smothered self. The book states that the purposeless way of living has ended; the new age which had been prophesied for thousands of years has arrived; and there is a method to raise the human consciousness to the Universe consciousness. In concise words, it gives the message of the whole Universe. It answers all by conveying in simple and common sense manner. Without difficult metaphors used by others, it is very direct and clear. By opening this book, all inquiries about the logic of the world are solved. What is important is that this author suggests the method to empty the human mind and change to the Universe mind. This is a signal to notify that all of mankind is to be reborn as the Universe mind through this method.

Eun-sook, Yim/Teacher/Ilsan