Sep 2001 (Korean Revised Edition)

Cover: Paperback
Size: 12.7*21cm
Length: 208pages

English, Korean


Part I
Nature’s Flow
Part II
Human Life
Part III
Enlightened World

The Enlightened World

The poetry of Woo Myung, who tells us, “The man is the Truth and the Universe; all things are one.” As the beautiful verses are read and savored, it is possible to naturally enlighten to the fact that once one cleanses his minds and escapes from his conceptions and habits, and only then, is it possible to live with wisdom in a world of oneness and heaven.

Book Excerpts:

Oneness is completeness. It is being without any lack whatsoever; it is having everything and living as all things. It is the Truth so everything lives in the land of one; the Truth is completion. The existence of the Truth enables the man, who is unable to be reborn as the Truth, to be born as the Truth in the true world and live as the Truth. Truth that is oneness. Nature’s flow that is oneness. Jung and Shin that is oneness. Mind that is oneness. Truth that is oneness.

The Story about Book:

Woo Myung’s writings show what kind of influence poetry can have on readers when it is written from a place of pure consciousness. With each word, the deep and clear true mind seeps in, leaving only the pure essence of the Truth behind after the reading is done. While there is no doctrine to the poetry persuading readers to the writer’s own point of view, they do have a clear topic. Like his consciousness, life and teachings, the motivation behind his poetry is love, making his verses a comfort and a joy to read.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: