The Level of Complete Enlightenment Where One Can Love His Enemies

True Love Is Giving Without the Mind of Having Given

People frequently use the words, “I love you”; it is used between lovers, spouses, parents and children. However, human love is the fulfillment of one’s demands. In other words, the human love is full of expectations; man cannot love unconditionally. Pure love is giving without the mind of having given. This is true love, compassion, and virtue.

It is because the origin, the emptiness, exists that people as well as all creations are able to exist. The empty sky creates everything and provides people with food, air, and the means to live, but it does not expect anything in return. Such is the mind of the origin, and unless people’s minds become the mind of the origin, true compassion, love, or virtue do not exist.

Only when your mind becomes the mind of God, can you become the mind where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing; the mind that is without the thought you have done something for someone, the mind that is absent of the thought that you have done anything at all.

We are often told that we should love our enemies, that we should be compassionate and virtuous; but we cannot do so when enemies exist within our deeply rooted human minds. However, anyone can live for others and the world, instead of themselves when they chase out their human minds that are deprived and selfish. Inside the self-centered human mind, no love, compassion, or virtue exists – only a mind that cares for itself.

The Level Where One Can Love His Enemies

It is not possible for man to love his enemies unless he is born in the complete land of God.

When doing meditation, the Truth enters one’s mind to the extent that he has discarded his false mind, and his enlightenment is equivalent to how much the Truth has entered his mind. Enlightenment is knowing the Truth. The more he becomes the Truth by cleansing his sins, the closer he gets to the Truth. When none of his preconceptions and habits remain, and the entity that is his “self” completely dies and disappears; he can get to a level where his consciousness is complete. The level of completion is when one’s consciousness becomes the consciousness of the origin and the Truth itself. A person who is born in this land is the Truth and does not die; thus he is a complete person.

One cannot love his enemies just because he has been told to do so. He is able to love his enemies when his consciousness becomes the land of God and when he exists in this land. At such a time, the enemies in his mind will disappear and he will be able to love them. In man’s mind world, he is bound to have enemies. Only a person who is born in the land of the Truth and heaven while he is living, is able to love his enemies.