My anxiety has substantially subsided.

Anthony Vaughn / Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.

My name is Anthony Vaughn and I was raised in Gary Indiana by parents that did the best that circumstances allowed. My upbringing was by no means traditional and had very minimum structure. Because of this I didn’t have the normal mother nurturing or father guidance because of the choices that were made at home.

This caused me to have extreme anxiety and poor confidence. Since starting this meditation in March 2014 I’ve noticed that my anxiety has substantially subsided.
I am a level 3 student and I have very minimum issues with confidence.

I’ve been able to perform comedy in front of and audience of 30 that scared me sooo much, but still performed with poise.
I have become more efficient at work as a fundraiser/promoter that talks to at least 60 people per day.

Everyone I speak to that meditates finds out from me that this meditation is awesome and has noticeable benefits.