• The Method Begins

    Before, it was not easy to cleanse one’s mind. “How can people be taught so they can easily reach Truth?” Woo Myung studied this question from the perspective of everyday people, and it was through these efforts that he created the methods of the seven levels.

  • The Meditation Method

    His meditation methods reflect Woo Myung’s words that “the way to Truth must be one anyone can follow; it must be scientific and systematic.” The principles of this unique, innovative, and effective method is briefly introduced here.

  • The Teachings of
    Woo Myung

    Woo Myung’s teachings about nature, people, and the principles of the Universe tell us there is hope for everyone to escape from our human minds and live the life of nature’s flow with the mind of the Universe. He teaches people in simple terms how to become Truth by cleansing their minds.