Program for
the University Students

The Meditation Camp for the University Students first began in August 2004, and it is held in South Korea during school breaks and holidays.

The period while attending colleges is an important time for students, as it is a stage of life where they must decide on which career paths they must take in their lives. However, it is also a time in which the students experience an enormous amount of stress and pressures, due to their concerns and worries such as academic studies, careers, and relationships. The Meditation Program offers the students, during these important years, a chance for deep introspection and an opportunity for growth and transformation in their lives. The Meditation Camp for the University Students provides them with a method and an opportunity to find their true self and assist them in establishing clear personal values, through which they are able to tap into their passion and unlimited potential.

In addition to the Meditation Camp for University Students, our meditation is a curricular course at colleges and universities.


The Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST), which is a prominent institute for science and technology in Korea, offers the meditation course under the title ‘The Examination of the Original Self and the Recovery of the Original Self.’

Also, well-known colleges and universities in Korea offer the meditation courses: ‘Exploring the Inner Self’ at Sungshin Women’s University; ‘Knowing the Mind’ at Kwangwon National University; and ‘Ma-Eum Su-Ryun’ at Dongshin University. In the United States, a meditation program had been offered since 2011, at Holy Family University in Philadelphia, PA, where University affiliates, such as faculty, staff, and students, can attend the program.

“When one escapes from his conceptions and becomes Truth, he is a complete person and Truth itself.   As such, he comes to know all Truth through wisdom, and only such a person is a ‘whole person.’ One cannot become a true ‘whole person’ through stuffing things inside his mind, be it knowledge or any other kind of education. Only a whole person who is Truth can love his enemy and be truly virtuous. It is possible to become a whole person by discarding one’s self and achieving completion.”
– Woo Myung


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