I’m free of incessant thoughts.

Bonnie / Fort Worth,Texas, U.S.A

Before starting meditation I was always searching. I wanted to find who I was. I would read self-help books and tried different meditations. I kept going back to school because I thought that earning more degrees would be the answer. But nothing worked until I found this meditation. I picked up a brochure at my local dry cleaners. After reading the brochure I knew immediately that I had to try this.

The changes I’ve notice after the first level of practicing the meditation was a sense of calmness. My stress level went down. The noise level in my mind went down and I was able to focus. When I was at home I used to think about work, and when I was at work I used to think about my home life. Now when I’m at work I only concentrate on work and when I’m at home I am able to be present with my family at home.

The changes I’ve noticed after completing level two was that I didn’t get mad or annoyed at the drop of a hat. I didn’t realize that so many things bothered me. I made every issue much bigger than it was. Through the meditation I realized that all those things were inconsequential. Because of that realization I was happier and enjoyed being around people and doing more things.

The changes I’ve noticed after completing levels three and four is that I’m free of incessant thoughts. If I made a mistake or if someone said something that I thought was hurtful I would continually replay the drama over again in my mind. The meditation has opened my eyes to be able to see how much of the problems I thought I had were petty. I was a petty person. There is so much to live and be grateful for.

I’m currently a level five student and I’ve been practicing this meditation for three years. I am excited and look forward to completion. I am very grateful to have found the meditation.