Ideal Literature and the Ideal World

We think of ‘the ideal’ as something that cannot possibly be realized – foolish human folly. What ‘the ideal’ truly means is to achieve the state of completion, which is the ultimate goal of people. Therefore, an ‘ideal literature’ is one that can guide people to the level of completion, and it is a literature that has the method and plan to achieve this.

People are incomplete, so they have tried to become complete through various means such as religions and different forms of meditations, but they have been unsuccessful because until now the method to become complete did not exist. Since each man has a world of his own mind in which he lives; only when this world is destroyed and he becomes one with the mind of the world, the world of the origin, can the human race become one and become complete.

When mankind returns to the mind of the origin, the human race will be able to live in peace forever, because all people will have wisdom and the mind of oneness. One thinks that only what is in his mind, is right. However, the mind of man is the mind of pictures taken of the world and is not a reality; it is false and untrue. There is nothing right within it.

The ideal literature will have the method and plan for what mankind has been aiming to achieve – the education of the whole person – and when this happens, the ideal world will begin. The ideal world is a complete world where people are not discontented with reality. It is a world that lacks for nothing, free from all the preconceptions and habits of the human world. Only when one returns to the mind of the origin, can the man’s mind shed all suffering and can he become a person of true freedom. Then he will live for others because he will not lack anything.

Until now, the human race was incomplete because the method to discard one’s self and mind world and return to the origin did not exist. Now that it does exist, the human race will become complete.

Through the ideal literature, the ideal world will be realized. This means that falseness will become the Truth and man’s false mind will change to the real mind of God by discarding his “self” and his mind world. It is possible for people to always be happy when they become the real mind of the origin, the God’s mind, because they will no longer lack for anything and be free from suffering. If a literature does not contain a method to discard his self, it is simply the stuff of daydreams and delusions; but if it does, it is the ideal literature from which the ideal can be realized.