I Thank Meditation

Alma Carmina Tapia/ Los Altos, U.S.A

I started the meditation on August 10th, 2010, after I phoned my sister in Mexico City. Despite the earthquake, she was fine. Because she did the meditation, she said she no longer had any fear of death now. This was very shocking, since she always had a lot of fear about death.
My sister told me to look up a website and I found a local center about 15 minutes from my house. That center had a free seminar every Saturdays and so I went. At first, I wasn’t happy with the contents of seminar. I felt the suffering and sadness was very real to me – but then, since my childhood, I always wanted to know why we live and where we go after death. In the past, I had attended many other seminars elsewhere and they did not have any method to become the Truth.

So I started the meditation. I started to notice changes after 2 weeks. Conditions which surrounded me and my environment seemed better. Then I started to go to the center every day and saw positive changes.
I had experienced difficulties because my mind and habits at times. Through the meditation, I eliminated all things. Sadness and depression started to disappear and I started to truly enjoy my life. Now I was able to adapt to all arising conditions in my mind. I went more often to the center as I witnessed more life changes. As I meditated more, my life was even better.

After 8 months of meditation, one of my twin daughters became interested in this meditation because of my changes. After attending a seminar, she also started the meditation. Then my other daughter also started the meditation, and also my grandson. This helped to improve family relationships; now there is no conflict and we relate each other very well. My two sisters have now also joined the meditation. Because of the meditation, they are also doing well without any worries. The Universe solved all, when you deny the false body and mind.

It had been a year since I started this meditation and I am no longer self-centered – I would like to let others know of the meditation, so they will know we live in the false world. I was able to see how self-centered I was in my life. I had always lived for me, and to protect me.
Now, I understand that even with having had many material things and having achieved many dreams, it would only be always full of void. I know as I continue to do this meditation, I would be more complete person and live for the world as God intended. My wish is for everyone to do the meditation and to be complete.