I found the true happiness!

For a long time, I thought about what is the true happiness. Sadness and hardship seemed reality but joyful happiness seemed transient like bubble. I found this book on Amazon.com. It was within the ranking of 100 bestsellers with the title, “Heaven’s Formula for saving the World.” With interest, I started to read. The paragraphs were short and concise with interesting illustrations, which I felt comfortable with while reading. And after reading this book, I understood why I worked so hard for happiness and how the happiness earned were transient. I understood what was the true happiness as a result. And that happiness could be forever!! I was really surprised. I understood why I was whimsical in my mind; feeling good, then stressed out. And knowing that the true mind exists beyond my mind was a very refreshing shock. I would like to recommend this book to anyone who feels futile about life.

Sun-jin Yim/Housewife/Choong-nam Nonsan