I am eternally happy regardless of conditions

Pralima / Boston U.S.A

I always wished that everyone around me and I were always happy. However, it seemed like happiness was conditional. To fulfill my yearnings for happiness, I participated in sports, music, various social events, volunteering activities, etc. I enjoyed those moments when I kept myself busy, but soon I felt a void within. It seemed like my life was filled with cycles of ups and downs. I questioned the impermanence of life and always feared losing my loved ones.

I also couldn’t understand why at times I reacted with love, sympathy, positivity and patience, but other times with hatred, judgment, fear, defense and negativity. I felt like I didn’t know myself, so I tried to sort out my thoughts. I also tried to perfect my character by reading self-help books and quotations, but I couldn’t find anything practical that gave me long-lasting happiness.

Finally I found this meditation through a beautiful flier. After my very first session, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. I instantly knew this was the answer. I began to meditate diligently. I was able to discard all of the clutter in my mind, through the simple, precise and logical method.

Each baggage I discarded raised my level of happiness. After completion of the meditation, I am eternally happy regardless of conditions. I am now able to appreciate my life and everyone around me.

I am truly thankful to meditation, and with the greatest sincerity, I invite you to try it for yourself.