I am already this peaceful – when I am complete, how would it be?

Patricia Pont / Tijuana, Mexico

Why aren’t I happy? I have asked myself hundreds of times. I am not talking about transient happiness gained from getting something. I am talking about happiness of peace and contentment regardless of my surrounding situations.

Actually I was very fortunate. I had a good family, a good husband, beautiful daughters, a good neighborhood and house, and also went to good schools. Everything seemed all perfect. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t grateful – I am grateful now and will continue to be.

I prayed since I learned it would be good to do prayers of blessings, but nothing happened. I forgave since I learned it would be good to forgive, but I felt something was missing and continued to have dissatisfaction about something. I always felt deficient and always had questions, why? To find answers, I sought knowledge, wanted to meet people, bought things, went and came…..but nothing occurred. I had to change. Any books talk about needing these changes. But how?

Also, I was full of endless stressful thought. I knew I had to change and why, but I wasn’t happy not knowing – how? Then one day, I found a brochure for this meditation and I was very interested about human mind changing into the Universe mind. It seemed very similar to what I was always seeking.

When I started first level, I was very satisfied. As I reflected on my life, the Universe took away my thoughts and I felt my burdens were gone. I was able to sleep very deeply. But this was just the beginning.

Now I am currently 4th level. The void and inadequacy have decreased and inner peace surfaced. I found out who I was and what I was doing. I also found that my inadequacy and stressful life was due to the void and also fixed thoughts

The 4th level is the longest and hardest. I am able to overcome and advance step by step. Surely, it is worth it. Because it is not about getting happiness from somewhere; but it is joy and happiness arising from inner peace while living with expansion of consciousness.

I am not sure how much time remains until 4th level is completed. It would be much less than getting to 7th level, but I am going to the end with patience and diligence. Why? I am already this peaceful, so if I have completed all levels – how would it be?

I am thankful to this method. It eliminated my emotional baggage which limited my existence. I found out that I lived inside this little person’s mind and was very distant from the Universe and the God.
I am very grateful to be feeling so good more and more every moment.