How to Become the Truth and Why One Must Not Fail to Reach the Truth

How can one become the Truth? And why must one succeed in reaching the Truth? First, we must understand what the Truth is. What is the Truth? We have learned that the Truth is everlasting and never-changing. So then, what is this eternal and never-changing existence? Let’s begin by thinking about the Universe. The Universe is infinite so it cannot be drawn but let’s represent it in this way. [image] The sky – the Universe – contains stars, sun, moon and earth; and on the earth, there are people. What you see and hear, everything just as they exist is the Truth; thus, what you see here is everything that exists in the Universe. [image] In the Universe, there are the stars, the sun, the moon and the earth. Let us try thinking about things in the following way: [image] Imagine we went back in time to an eternity ago, along with the stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth. Scientists tell us that the lifespan of a star ranges from 5 to 14 billion years. However, the lifespans of the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth, and a man are like a split second compared with eternity. Therefore, we would have all disappeared with the passing of time, so that now, at the present time, nothing would remain but the pure emptiness. [image] Now imagine that a fire burned this emptiness at 100 billion degrees Celsius for an eternity, to the present. This existence – the emptiness – would still just exist. This emptiness, which is the Universe before the infinite Universe, is the Truth. Without a beginning or an end, it is a living existence that existed an eternity ago and will continue to exist for an eternity after. [image] Just as we have bodies and minds, this infinite Universe or sky also has a body and a mind. Its body is the complete emptiness, and its mind is the sole God who is omnipresent throughout the entire Universe. The reason we cannot see the God of the Universe is the man has self-centered attachments, a mind that is the same shape and form as his body. Because of his mind, he cannot see, know or become the great Soul and Spirit, which is the body and mind of the Universe. One must become this great Soul and Spirit, in order to see, know and become it. The man cannot become one with the Truth because of his self-centered attachments that are his sins. [image] This great Soul and Spirit is the Creator. It is this huge Soul and Spirit that created the stars in the sky, the sun, the moon, the earth, all creations and mankind. [image] In Science class, we learned that the stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth came from the Universe, as we humans also did. This image, here, is the Soul and Spirit of the Truth. Unless the man returns to this existence of the Truth – the Soul and Spirit – he cannot live forever. [image] The way to become this existence itself, the great Soul and Spirit, is to discard the self-centered human mind as well as the body that contains it. [image] And when one’s delusional Universe is also discarded, only this existence remains. [image] When one’s mind becomes this existence and he is reborn, he is reborn as the child of God. This is resurrection and eternal life. This Soul and Spirit is him; and he is the Truth itself. When one is reborn as this existence, he lives as the immortal Truth, because the whole is him, the individual; and the individual is the whole. [image] [image] Heaven only exists for a person who has become the Truth, the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe. The man’s mind is only as big as his body, when the mind becomes as big as the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe, he lives forever in heaven. But in order for this to happen, he must discard his body, mind and even the Universe through the Maum Meditation method and become the Truth, the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe and eternal immortal. Only then has he achieved a human completion. It is from this place that the Bible, the Buddhist scriptures and all other scriptures were written. The difference between heaven and hell is as follows: heaven is the place where the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe, the Truth, lives; whereas hell is the place where one only knows what he has experienced in his life, and where he lives enslaved to the mind of those shadows. Now that we understand what the Truth is, I will explain heaven and hell. Last night, I dreamt I was in a battlefield. Gunfire was coming from all directions and all of my fellow soldiers were killed. I decided to flee and hide, but in order to do so I had to run to the mountains fifty miles up ahead. Having been shot in the left leg, I began limping towards my destination. Not realizing I was dreaming, the pain I felt seemed so real – all night long, I dreamt of running around, limping in the battlefield under a shower of never-ending gunfire. As I finally reached the mountains, I was shot by the enemy. At that moment, I woke up from my sleep and realized that I was not in the battlefield; there had been no gunfire, and I had not been shot. The dream was an illusion. Although dreams exist, they are not real – they are illusions that do not actually exist. The man’s life is like the dream he dreams at night, during which he believes it to be real. The man lives in the shadow of his memories – self-centered attachments he has in his mind – which are the experiences he has gained from the life he has lived. In other words, the man’s life is a dream, and thus he lives in a dream-like state of mind. Suppose one has been living his life, and at the moment, he is forty years old. Even if he continues to live to the age of ninety, he will continue to live with the same mind as he has had until now. Furthermore, he will live on with that same mind even after death. [image] That mind is a dream. That mind is hell. It is a dream that exists and yet does not; because like all illusions, it is not real. And it is here, in such an illusion, that man lives due to his mind. The man cannot live as the Truth unless he is reborn as the infinite Soul and Spirit that created the Universe, the everlasting Truth. The Maum Meditation’s eight levels allow one to achieve this. [image] In order to be reborn as both energy and light, which are the eternal and never-changing Soul and Spirit of the infinite Universe: One must first eliminate his body, mind, and even the Universe. [image] Then, only the great Soul and Spirit remains. It is when the great Soul and Spirit becomes him that he is born again. [image] And so he is the Truth; he, himself, is the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth, all creations and mankind. Therefore, everything and everyone becomes the Truth and lives forever. This place, this state of being, is the heaven. These are the eight levels of the Maum Meditation. Simply put: [image] When you subtract your body and mind from the Universe, and the delusional Universe also disappears, pure emptiness remains. When you are born again as the emptiness, which is the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe, it is the heaven and eternal life. Even if, at this very moment, an earthquake split the ground under your feet and you fell into the lava below, the Universe would still just exist. Therefore, so long as you have completely become the Universe, you who have become the Universe will live forever. This is the way to the human completion, and the way to transcend all religions. It is the man becoming the God and thus becoming complete. Such a world is the world beyond; it is the perfect, religion-transcending solution for the future. Then the whole of mankind would become one; everyone would regard others as oneself and would live for others. They would live eternally without death, because they would be the great Soul and Spirit itself – the energy and light of the Universe. The reason man is born into the world is to be reborn as this existence. The God originally created a complete world, but the man is dead because of his own delusions. The Maum Meditation allows one to become free from this and return to the Creator that is complete. The Soul and Spirit of the Universe is alive so if one becomes the wisdom of the great Soul and Spirit itself; he will be able to see and know the world as it truly is. All people would become saints and live forever in the true world of the Truth. All religions will become complete when the man abandons his “self.” Furthermore, it is when he abandons his “self” and becomes the Truth that he becomes complete. One must discard his sinful self instead of blaming other people and become the Truth so that he can live in the heaven. Now is the moment we must seize, for it is the period of the Universe when those who have become complete may live in the heaven. If one does not become the Truth, he is dead inside a non-existent illusion that is just like a dream. But if he does become the Truth, his “self” that has become the Truth lives forever in the land of the Truth. So therefore, this practice of the mind places a person at the crossroads of life and death. Is there anything more important than living? There is nothing more urgent than this. It is absurd to believe that a person who is not reborn in the heaven while he is alive can go to the heaven after he is dead. Simply put, he cannot. When one’s consciousness becomes one with the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe while he is alive, the world in which he lives is both heaven as well as eternal life, itself. That is why it makes no sense to say that a person who is not reborn in the heaven while living could possibly enter the heaven after death. They say it is through faith that one may enter the heaven. However, it is only when the heaven exists in his mind that he truly has faith.