Helpful in making life’s important choices

Any human being gets concerned as he lives his life. In a case of younger people, many are concerned about their abilities and befitting career choices. Currently being in a young age, I also had many concerns in regard to my future. Comparing others’ expectations and my own abilities, I was spending fruitless time when I read this book upon recommendation of a friend and I self-reflected many times. Up to this point I acted and thought as if I was the owner of this world. But from the perspective of this world, the existence of me was truly small and inadequate. Before I read this book, I was self-centered and lived while focused on my thoughts and actions just for my own benefit. After reading this book, I was able to think objectively and escape the selfish mind at least a bit. The result was very surprising. Presently, I behave and think in benefit of others instead of me; I was really amazed that such actions came about as a result of being thankful about life, not patronization toward others. If there were anyone with many concerns and worries, I would like to definitely recommend this book. You will experience really surprising changes.

Hwa-ik Cho/Corporate staff/Chun-nam Soonchun