Meditation Life

Happy Christmas Party

Hochimin City, Vietnam

he Hochimin Christmas Party started like this;

Hang was our chef of the day and Helper Irang and Khang assisted her by squeezing the limes.

We decorated our table and soon, the table was full with the most amazing dishes prepared by Hang.
Hang is really the best cook!

We prepared these candy bouquets for students. It is quite pretty and you can probably use it as an ornament as well. Hang got so excited like a child. We also gave them these secret letters and you had to scratch with coins to read the letter. They had a lot of fun scratching the letters.

We took some interesting photos. We posed as if we were models, and Helper Yoonkyung pretended like a stalker to Victor who was actually asked to be a model on street a while ago. Then it was followed by the best health dance and it was so much fun!

It was our great pleasure to hear people saying that it was the warmest and happiest Christmas ever!
We wish more people will be with us next year!

Happy New Year, everyone!