Gift of Life

Viridiana Sanchez / university student / Mexico City

I questioned about the direction of my life. I began to wonder about the true purpose of life: we come into this world to accumulate wealth? Would we take any of this when we die?

I had too much stress in studying at a reputable university. As the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it demanded a lot from me. But I thought it was normal because all my friends lived in the same way. I had insomnia because I worried a lot about my homework and my future. As I was not sure about how to achieve my goals, I lived with much anxiety. My health dramatically deteriorated due to stress. No moment of my life was in peace and I kept wondering about the true purpose of life.

In 2010, I received the greatest gift of my life: I met this meditation. I attended the seminar hosted by the founder. I opened my mind and listened to him carefully but couldn’t clearly understand what I would achieve through this meditation. Soon after meditating, I had a big relief I was looking for. I stopped having unnecessary thoughts that tormented me. I could concentrate better on my projects so my school performance improved. I went from worrying about the future all the time to appreciating the opportunities given to me in the present. I began to deeply appreciate things of everyday life and people around me. As I progressed in the meditation, I realized how selfish I was. I only thought about how to achieve my goals in my life. I could see that this took me away from my loved ones ? my family and friends. I had failed to visualize my selfish being because I lived trapped inside a dream. I was not aware of that until I woke up from my dream.

Now, having completed all the levels of the meditation and having found my true mind, I want to give back, even a small amount, in reward for the huge gift that this method has given to me. I want many people to know the real purpose of life, which cannot be found in material things or from the desires or expectations that one has for the world. The path ? to find the way to become one with the world itself ? is in this meditation.