Finding my true self is the best thing that happened to me after practicing meditation.

Stella Lim / Plainview, U.S.A

I’ve been practicing this meditation over a month, and it has helped me tremendously. I threw away all of the emotional baggage that I have accumulated throughout my entire life. After I threw away the baggage, I have become healthier and less burdened, and my relationships with my family and friends have improved greatly. All it takes is diligence, patience and dedication.

The greatest part of this meditation is that you come to many realizations on your own by simply practicing the method. Before meeting the meditation, my brain was like a hamster on a wheel, always running without rest. After practicing meditation for a month, I noticed a significant difference in my personality. My mind is not racing anymore. At the same time, I don’t take things personally as much as I did before.

In this meditation method which is throwing away the false mind, you take yourself and materialism out of your head. This method helps get rid of the habits of the body as well as reject the human ego. It taught me to feel grateful for everything around me and to stay humble without trying too hard. I am way more understanding, giving and helpful to others. In addition, I’m a much more peaceful, clearer, and happier individual than I was before this meditation.

As I have gained many experiences throughout my life, I have been shaped to be someone whom I didn’t even want to be. I came to a point where I didn’t even know who I was and didn’t know where I had to be. Now, I can really discard the self, my own worst enemy, and find out, truly, who I am. Finding my true self is the best thing that happened to me after practicing this meditation.

I feel blessed to know that the life I have lived was not real but fake. Without realizing the true purpose of my life, I just kept going and going aimlessly. After practicing this Meditation, I now know the true purpose of my life. Also, I’ve been released from stress, anxiety, worries, fear, and lots of negative emotions. I feel truly free and liberated. The meditation has helped me let go of so much of the heavy burden that I carried around. If anybody tells me to go back before practicing this meditation, I would say it would never happen since my life was hell. I will be forever grateful and continue to study to the end so I can be truly happy. Thank you.