Experience of an eternal peace and blessings

Ricardo Gamboa / Engineer / Tijuana, Mexico

I was a part of family which could have been called ‘the Truth seeking people.’ But while experiencing a crisis after divorce, I decided to seek the Truth. It didn’t matter what people, government, and society said, and no matter what opinions others gave or even the weather – I was resolute that I was going to seek the never-changing being inside all of us.

I think the Universe finally answered my quest of love. I was offered a job in Tijuana when I received a brochure on this meditation at a hotel. I was very interested when I read it. So I called for an appointment and went to the center. I started meditation from that day. This was exactly what I was seeking.

I began with full of enthusiasm and after I passed the first level through enlightening to the Universe, I vowed to continue until the completion.

Through every level, I realized that the pictures of my mind negatively influenced me. I awakened as I continued to throw out more, and stress and many sufferings decreased more and more.

I experienced deep-rooted pictures of my life and learned how to throw them away. I also learned this was how to solve my personal problems. Of course, I had to put a lot of effort to throw them out, but it was very much worth it.

I am so grateful to the the meditation which taught me the method to change human mind to the Universe mind.

Through this experience, I have become mature. Headed to a better direction, I am more aware of many negative things previously unseen in my life. That was because so many pictures were taken every single moment. Currently at 5th level, I feel confidence and happiness all the time.

I make my vow again to achieve completion. Why? Because I believe this is the place where precious experience of an eternal happiness and blessings begin.