Despite its appearance, it is an amazing book.

Every person should read this book. And one must have a trust; there is nothing gained without having the trust. In the beginning of the book, it is written; “through many difficulties of life and self-reflections, he was able to open his eyes of the mind about Truth.” There is not even one single part that is wrong in this book. The author received a Mahatma Gandhi peace award and was appointed as an ambassador of peace through IAEWP. I would like to live forever in the eternal land. If I do not do this now, I would regret it. In the content of the book, it is stated, “One must repent to God that is the true mind of self. We repent in order to be born into the true, real world from the false world. Throwing away of the false self is throwing away of the false mind which is sin. Until Truth remains, one must throw away all of the pictures.” I want to throw away all of my past life until there is no pictures remaining in my mind. I had lived with much suffering, hardship, and unhappiness where there was no joy with nothing accomplished despite all of my work. I do not return to that; therefore, I truly want to eliminate all of things in my mind.

Jin-ik Jang/Corporate staff/Osan