Book Review

Book Review

After reading “Heaven’s Formula for saving the World”……

The content is about the true and false in this world. The author states that human mind is false and made of pictures, and therefore human beings are incomplete; Truth is the world which is complete. I agree with the idea that human beings’ minds are incomplete and continues to add due to inadequecy; but I could not readily understand that I, a human being, was false. The author repeatedly explains why human beings are false and states a method to become Truth. A hopeful message is given; become the bon-ba-dak, the Universe mind, to live forever happily by eliminating all of the human mind. As the author states, I truly want to throw out the false human mind and live as the infinite Universe mind. Byung-hak Chung/Business owner/Kyung-nam Sachon

Recommend this book to be put near bed

The title was unfamiliar. “Where you become true is the place of Truth.” Written in such direct manner!! I read this book because of that reason; and it touched on the questions I had and solved them. Although I read it all at once, there were many parts I did not understand; and also it seemed different each time I read it. These days, I read one to two pages per night. This book helped me let go of my greed and put my mind at ease. I really would like to recommend this book to be put near bed and read before sleep. Ji-yuh Yoon/32/Corporate staff/Busan

And hoping to find the true meaning in the pure universe

Woo Myung is the author of many books on meditation, a number of which have been translated into English. Stop Living in This Land: Go To The Everlasting World of Happiness: Live There Forever; is the most recent. In this handsome presentation, both the calligraphy and illustrations are by the author, and offer visual imagery that correspond beautifully with the essays and poetry. A native of South Korea, Myung grew up in a culture that focuses on hard work, perseverance and success. Despite his many accomplishments, he was greatly disturbed by the insufficiency and anxieties of life. In 1996, after years of effort searching for inner and outer peace, he attained enlightenment while meditating in the Gaya Mountains, and became Truth. Myung then founded Subtraction Meditation, a world-wide organization, dedicated to helping others attain enlightenment by cleansing the self-centered body and mind through eight levels of meditation. The fact that his centers can be found around the globe underlines his conviction that the world where people live without the mind of self will be a truly joyful place to live. . . it will be a world without divisions between nations; a just world where people are honored to live for others. Other books by Myung that have been translated into English include The Way to Become a Person in Heaven While Living and World Beyond World. They will all be welcomed by readers seeking relief from personal stress and anxiety, and hoping to find the true meaning in the pure universe, through the enlightenment of meditation. M.K.Turner

The reason I have to live

So many people have lived but disappeared without traces in this world. I have lived in my futile life without knowing the reason or the meaning of living; I felt as though I was being healed though this one book I picked up rather carelessly. It was great to find out that I did not exist in the real world, that I was only a picture that took pictures of the world. If I eliminated all of the false, then I could escape the futile human world and meet the original true world. Yahoo… Young-hee Kim/Corporate staff/Seoul

The clear answers to why human beings were born

When reading this book page by page, I find that the questions that I always had were explained in very simple and clear way. The clear answers to why human beings were born and living were in this book. Also, I was surprised that there were very easy explanations and definitions about God, Truth, creation and religion in a page and half. It was great that even average person like me could understand about Truth. I always had some questions in my mind; after reading this book, those were solved. Myung-hae Kim/Housewife/Dae-jun

This book is a living textbook on Truth.

When people become free of themselves and become Truth, the world will become a peaceful place. This book is a living textbook on Truth that is destined to be a required reading for all humankind. It explains and answers all of fundamental questions, which remained elusive throughout the ages, such as: Where did we come from? Where do we go? and What is the purpose of human existence? Mr. Woo Myung urges all to subtract the false that is the human mind world, where there is only death and suffering. He informs the readers that the True world exists, which is a heaven without any darkness, sorrow or stress; and that all human beings are meant to enter and live in this True world. He further gives the readers hope on the dawning and reigning of a new era in this world, where all humankind can become truly complete beings and be able to live forever in the True world. Boas Yu / EdD, RN, GCNS-BC, FNP-BC, CRRN, CNE Assistant Professor

A poem book, “The Enlightened World,”

During summer vacations, I usually get light, easy to read books at home, but this time I decided to choose a book that allowed me to reflect. I felt the author’s attempt to appeal to readers. A page by page, I read while self-reflecting, the book seemed easy but difficult, and yet, difficult but easy. The book seemed very peculiar. The words were simple with concise paragraphs as in a poem and it seemed to quietly address the meaning of life. It felt like walking along a calm sunset beach!! Jung-soo Oh/Corporate staff/Choong-nam Suh-san

After reading “The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living”

‘Forever’ and ‘Happiness’ are words that were always yearned for, in unrealistic stories in children’s books. But, this book is talking about true reality, that one can find the everlasting true mind and live forever happily! The words seemed not decorated or made up; I like the truthfulness of the words. Imprinted pictures of self-centered thoughts and concepts in my own mind world ? this world I live now is not true. These are truly very logical words. It was a little hard to understand at first, but as I continue to read, it’s interesting and fun – so I keep reading and reading it. Hea-young Kim/Housewife/Choong-nam