Book Review

Book Review

I wanted to live well.

I wanted to live well. So I wanted to have all of money, love, prestige, and power. But this only added more suffering and burden. The author stated that human beings want to possess and achieve, but there is nothing that are accomplished with attachments. If one wanted to accomplish, one must eliminate all of human mind; as one discards more and more, Truth will enter and one will know Truth and all of the world will be accomplished. I now understand; what is accomplished is only accomplished in the true world and nothing is accomplished in the false world. I am thankful to the author and I wished that many people would escape the attachments. Young-ok Song/Housewife/Seoul

It is the best purchase I have ever made!!!

Anyone who is looking for Truth must read this book!!! While I was reading this book, I was wondering about the author who can explain about Truth with very simple words. Everything was so simple and absolutely made sense. You will see what the purpose of your life is. Amy Smith

Let go of everything

Despite my longing to attend a Catholic church, my mother-in-law forced me to attend a protestant church. I tried to listen and live as were told in sermons, but Idid not know what was mind and what was thankfulness. I ended up with illness from high stress levels and overwork. The doctors of Eastern and Western medicines, recommended “let go of everything” ? what is this? I had never been sick before. After reading “the Mind,”I started to understand a bit of words from the Bible and I also want to live without any mind. I realized that I see, think and judge everything, people and theworld, in my own view. I was unable to live with the nature’s flow, even though the Universe is never-changing…..this book made me want to throw away the mind. Won-gi Bak/Corporate staff/Kyungi Ilsan

I found the purpose of life.

I read while not moving for 3 hours. It was a shock; if this text was right, I can end my long-time wandering. I was always questioning why do I live, where do I come from, where do I go, and what is the right way to live. My inside always was futility itself, even though I was active in my own way through religion, and meditation. It was always a dilemma about how to direct my children as a parent; I was ashamed to tell them, “since others lived this way, you also should,” when even I did not know the way. In outwardly appearances, I seemed to be upright and okay, but it was hard since it felt like a mask. Even though I was often praying and doing charity work, there always were enemies and barriers with people who did not fit my ways of thinking.Gradually, I was more and more exhausted at myself who weren’t able to live as told by the Bible. Then, I read this book coincidentally. Before, we were told to throw away and release without any explanations as to “why?” In this book, there is an explanation.It was very simple and concise; it was realistically written without extraneous embellishments. If this is true, wow!! And it is unbelievable that the solution as well as the causes were very simply and clearly explained. Could my long-awaited questions be solved so simply? Sung-hee Jang/Corporate staff/Daejun

Diamond in the rough

Woo Myung persistently emphasizes how NOW is the time to become complete through subtracting our false mind. This man has only one goal, one vision – to see the world subtract their self-centered worlds and live together as one mind and body. The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living is a diamond in the rough. Woo Myung gets straight to the point. The what?: Become the mind of nature’s flow and live eternally as the soul and spirit of the universe, of Truth. The How? Subtract the false mind, the dead mind. The where? “Ma Eum Soo Ryun is a place that focuses only on cleansing oneself (p. 73).” That drove everything home for me. The what, where, why, how’s. Finally, a clean-cut book on how to obtain Truth, authored by a man who solely focuses on teaching Truth. I’m extremely happy with this book and I highly recommend those who are willing to give Truth a chance, to read this book with an open heart and an open mind. Johanna

Meditate as you read

I didn’t really get it at first but it gets interesting the more I read it. My mind just gets so comfortable. I can’t stop reading it over and over again. This book really helps me to relax when I’m stressed out. I never got tired of reading this book no matter how many times I have read already, it still makes me feel comfortable just the same. It delivers what Truth is – so simple yet clearly. This book tells you how to live. Anna

My curiosity leads me to new step toward spirituality.

I have been always interested in philosophy and human mind. So, when I saw the book and that the author was supposedly ‘enlightened’, it immediately caught my attention and got me curious about what he would say. Basically he explains that humans are living in his own mind world, which somewhat I agree, and that world is false picture world. I have never heard the human mind being compared as pictures and human body being compared as a camera. This is new to me and a very intriguing idea. He also explains one can become completed by discarding the pictures. Now I am curious about how we can actually throw away the pictures in the mind. Mark

This book clears my mind.

I hadn’t read many religious or philosophical books, but noticing a pretty cover page, I picked up the book. Initially, the words such as human mind, God, creation and eternal world were unfamiliar and difficult. But despite the unfamiliarity, the book very easily spoke about the origin of the world, human, God, Universe, creation, etc. As anyone would have, I also had questions about the reason and purpose of living. But the first part of the book very clearly explained this. It alsoexplained simply about Truth which was spoken about in Buddhism, Christianity and other religions; this helped me to understand the world of Truth mentioned by religions. Personally, I was having a difficult time in my life and I was much inspired by the message that human beings live in the false world and that through subtraction, they can live forever in the true world. Just reading this book puts my mind at ease. Ji-hang Suh/Corporate staff/Seoul