Book Review

Book Review

Despite its appearance, it is an amazing book.

Every person should read this book. And one must have a trust; there is nothing gained without having the trust. In the beginning of the book, it is written; “through many difficulties of life and self-reflections, he was able to open his eyes of the mind about Truth.” There is not even one single part that is wrong in this book. The author received a Mahatma Gandhi peace award and was appointed as an ambassador of peace through IAEWP. I would like to live forever in the eternal land through the subtraction method. If I do not do this now, I would regret it. In the content of the book, it is stated, “One must repent to God that is the true mind of self. We repent in order to be born into the true, real world from the false world. Throwing away of the false self is throwing away of the false mind which is sin. Until Truth remains, one must throw away all of the pictures.” I want to throw away all of my past life until there is no pictures remaining in my mind. I had lived with much suffering, hardship, and unhappiness where there was no joy with nothing accomplished despite all of my work. I do not return to that; therefore, I truly want to eliminate all of things in my mind. Jin-ik Jang/Corporate staff/Osan

After reading “The Enlightened World” a book of poems

I was initially attracted by the title. The author explains human mind and Universe mind according to each themes. Also the author repeatedly states that the world we live in is the human mind through simple sentences with illustrations. I would really like to know if there is a way to escape the world I tiredly live in every day. Young-ron Cho/Professor/Daejun

This book took stress from me.

As if trying to grasp at a straw, at least a couple times a month, I had read through self-help books in order to control my overflowing stress and ill-managed mind. But it was truly ironic that after reading such books, I felt I had to do something about them. As the books recommended, I wrote and behaved in the ways they had suggested, including self-hypnosis; but the effects were always transient, a month if long and a moment of reading a book if short. At last, I came to conclusion that controlling my mind and stress is insolvable; but I continued to read new popular books in a bookstore habitually hoping for some interesting content. But this book was different. It is written that through a subtraction of mind without struggling to achieve something, things turn out better, following the nature’s flow. I was very surprised by this book. How many books such as this would be in the bookstore – such a book that speaks about acceptance of the world as one sees it and therefore, having more liberation, instead of having attachment to achieve something and suffer? At least for the moment I read this book, I am free from an incessant idea, “I have to do something.” And I find myself completely enjoying the moment of reading the book. How great! Ji-won Guk/30/Corporate staff/ Seoul

Clear message about happy life!

I started reading this book with hopes that this book might help me live a happy life. This book has a complete different approach contemplating Truth. It gives readers a more fundamental way of becoming a happy self. I highly recommend this book to everyone. William J.H.

Now is the time for subtraction.

This book changed my way of living and thinking about life. I always have lived thinking I have to be busily learning, remembering and developing, even with raising children, I thought I always had to teach and have them learn. But this book explains that people are living in picture world and are continuing to add to that mind world, which is false. I think we seem to be continuing to add endlessly in our contemporary society. So, we are too exhausted to add anymore… As this author states, empty and throw away the added false; I think one must become the original Universe mind to have happiness. I really agree to the statement that now is the time for subtraction. Hee-yun Gi/Teacher/Seoul

I found the true happiness!

For a long time, I thought about what is the true happiness. Sadness and hardship seemed reality but joyful happiness seemed transient like bubble. I found this book on It was within the ranking of 100 bestsellers with the title, “Heaven’s Formula for saving the World.” With interest, I started to read. The paragraphs were short and concise with interesting illustrations, which I felt comfortable with while reading. And after reading this book, I understood why I worked so hard for happiness and how the happiness earned were transient. I understood what was the true happiness as a result. And that happiness could be forever!! I was really surprised. I understood why I was whimsical in my mind; feeling good, then stressed out. And knowing that the true mind exists beyond my mind was a very refreshing shock. I would like to recommend this book to anyone who feels futile about life. Sun-jin Yim/Housewife/Choong-nam Nonsan

Because people live within their frame of minds…

I was a superwoman who liked to hear that I was a great teacher, warm mother, affectionate and loving wife, daughter-in-law who does everything well. After 10 years of such life, I felt this was not what I wanted. I wanted to be free, and be able to study more.… I felt I was getting more and more lonely. There were limits to what I could do, but people felt that I could do it all and this started to burden me. Then, The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living was in my hand. There is a method for harmony and also for way of living for all humankind. Living the life would be easier if one knows and follows the logic of the world; but because people live within their frame of minds, which do not match the world, there is a hardship while living. Finally, I understood that my life was difficult due to my own stubbornness and frame of mind; and I found that I have to recover my original true self to be one with the world. I understood that if everyone transformed to the mind of the world by throwing away thoughts and mentality which are concepts and habits of self, then there will be correct solution. A lot of time is spent being educated, but now is the time when one should be educated on finding the true mind and living correctly. Jung-suk Go/Doctor/Mok-po

After reading “Heaven’s Formula for saving the World”……

The content is about the true and false in this world. The author states that human mind is false and made of pictures, and therefore human beings are incomplete; Truth is the world which is complete. I agree with the idea that human beings’ minds are incomplete and continues to add due to inadequecy; but I could not readily understand that I, a human being, was false. The author repeatedly explains why human beings are false and states a method to become Truth. A hopeful message is given; become the bon-ba-dak, the Universe mind, to live forever happily by eliminating all of the human mind. As the author states, I truly want to throw out the false human mind and live as the infinite Universe mind. Byung-hak Chung/Business owner/Kyung-nam Sachon