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    Ideal Literature

    Woo Myung’s Stop Living In This World, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever was a #1 Bestseller in 10 catagories at It is ‘ideal literature’ because it guides the way to the ideal world that can be realized when we change our human mind to the mind of the Universe.

  • Writings of Hope, Life, and Truth

    In simple and clear language, Woo Myung explains profound and spiritual matters such as life and death, what is real and false, the human mind and the mind of the Universe. They are written “with only the wish for all people to shed their suffering and burdens, and live life born as Truth that is a great freedom.”

  • In The Press

    There have been many articles in the international press about Woo Myung and his books. Here you can read some of those articles about him and his #1 bestselling books.