Mar 2001 (Korean Revised Edition) 

Format: Paper Cover
Size: 15.2 × 22.3cm
Length: 318pages


English, Korean


Truth / Enlightenment
Science / Universe
Philosophy / Thoughts
Way of Life / Society / Ethics
Life / World after Death
Religion / Salvation
Poems of Enlightenment
Concluding Poem

Book Of Wisdom

Presented in a question and answer format based on questions presented during an interview with journalists, the book explores a variety of questions about the right way to live, existence, the mind world, philosophy, and science. In the book, Woo Myung states, “cleansing one’s self is to eliminate one’s self completely, and this is the way to truly discover one’s true self” and the book contains his enlightenments about existence and the principles of the Universe.

Book Excerpts:

Doing or the Truth is to enter into the insubstantial yet substantial existence – the original body that is existence amidst non-existence, and non-existence amidst existence. All creations in the Universe, just as they are, are this insubstantial yet substantial existence. Therefore, knowing this existence, that is our original self, is returning to the source of the Universe.

The Story about Book:

Written in 1996, “The Book of Wisdom” is the first book the author wrote after achieving the Truth, in order to teach people to be able to do the same. It was first published in two separate volumes, and was later reprinted as one book. In it, he writes that after enlightenment, his curiosities and questions disappeared for he knew absolutely nothing and yet knew everything. He also reveals that his previous frustrations in having unanswered questions cleared, and he spent many nights writing until morning with the excitement of knowing everything. The reason the author based the book on questions by journalists was in order to clear up people’s fundamental life questions. After publication, many people who read the book sought him out.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: