All my stuff was in my own mind

Lisa Vasquez / Photographer / Las Vegas, U.S.A

I grew up in an all-female house. It seemed like all we did was argue in my home. But we did love each other and my mother, as I saw it, never seemed to get a break. She always seemed to be struggling financially. In my teens I remember thinking, “this can’t be real.” No family goes through this much stuff.

As I grew up, I thought that my mother must have done something really bad to have this much bad karma all of her life. But as I got older, I was going through my own stuff just as painful as hers. I had always thought I knew God, even as a little girl. So, going to church for me was a major “have to.” I felt good at church, but stuff was still coming up. The messages at church sounded good, but they weren’t really the answer. I felt like there had to be something else. Then I found a brochure about this meditation.

This meditation showed me the reason for all my life’s stuff. All my stuff was in my own mind. My mind would keep me awake at night tossing all kinds of thoughts. How do I help? What can I do to fix this? I would try to help others, but most times I would hurt their feelings, upset them and really not fix anything.
With the meditation, I learned that it isn’t my family’s stuff or problems.

It is my own mind’s thoughts about my family – my fake thoughts. I used to be restless with sadness and anger because I couldn’t fix the ones that I love. Now, if I hear news or something that’s upsetting, I throw it away. I let the Universe handle it. I am not as restless anymore. I am way less stressed. I am more at peace since I have practiced this meditation.