After reading “Where you become true is the place of Truth”

After my twenties, I read many books as my method to find the roots of happiness and pleasures of life. Also, through religious friends who said each of their religions was the only great refuge for seeking ultimate happiness, I was coerced about faith. But I was not interested in religions. If only I lived well….live well righteously…without hurting others…etc. I lived with these thoughts of rationalization. My mind was always the same, vaguely suffocating… This book’s title, “Where you become true is the place of Truth”… is a bit unique and I bought the book with curiosity; what is true? The writings were simple and style of writing was unfamiliar; especially, it explained about Truth easily, and I understood about the foundation of the Universe. It seems to suggest the direction to a true life. I was very inspired.

Jung-ron Kim/45/Housewife/Busan