A Person Lives His Life Based on What He Has in Mind

There is a Korean idiom that states, “Things occur according to what one has added to the mind.” This means that a person lives his life based on what he has in his mind. As a person lives, he adds life experiences to his mind; and that is what was taken into his mind. The mind is formed through whatever one experienced; in other words, one’s lived life.

There are 6 billion people in this world and they all have different minds, because they lived in different environments. We live as our minds dictate, thinking our minds are true. When I think with my mind that I have to meet someone, this moves my body. That mind moves a person. When I think in my mind, I have to go to bathroom, the body moves; the mind is the owner. All people live according to their minds and live as much as those minds; they live based on what were added to their minds.

The people in the world live according to their minds; the way they live is the expression of their minds.

This is a human being’s life, which is a shape of the minds. A human being has the mind of living in the world; as much minds he has, is how he lives now. He has the mind of the individual‘s life and its attachments; lives within the attachments, thinking it is correct. He does not know that it is delusion and dream. When one wakes up from last night’s dream, he would know it’s not true; within a dream, the person does not know that it is a dream and false.

It is a dream and false because one lives in the mind of attachments. One has a mind that is in a shape of self that is self-centered; that shape is the body, and one lives according to the shape. Everything also lives according to its shape and is limited to its shape. The expression or form of everything itself is the mind. That is the false delusion and death.

The Creator of this Universe could have a time for harvest after seeding and growing of everything within. Now could be the time. In order to live forever and go to the heaven, one must become the everlasting Truth while living; when one has the land of the Truth, the heaven within self, he can live forever in that land even when the body disappears. One lives as much as he has in his mind.

Only those whose mind has become the Truth will live, because they are the Truth; only those who are born into the land of the Truth will live on in that land.

The humankind will be one when people clean and repent the false mind that is sin, and they become and reborn as the Truth. There could be oneness without conflicts in all of religions, ideologies, philosophies, and disciplines through the solution of the Truth. The Truth of all things are the Universe before the Universe, the original place of nothingness; and all existence, from the vast perspective of the creator, are also already enlightened.

The enlightened means it is complete and alive. All of the existence and nonexistence were enlightened originally; the human being is not enlightened because he is not able to become the enlightened world of the Creator. Through the elimination of the false mind and body, one can become and live as the vast mind of the world, where there will be everlasting life and no death.

This meditation is not about believing any existence; rather it is about being the Truth through the re-birth and living in the everlasting heaven, after having only the Universe remain by killing and eliminating the sinner self.

When human beings are free from fixed concepts and habits of the self, then all will live as one; where there will be oneness and all will live for others, with no thieves or robbers, and no distinguishing of your nations or my nation.