Woo Myung

Toward Human Completion

"It is my hope that all people in the world will discard their selves, and live as complete people."
Woo Myung

The Way to Become Real and Live as a Real Person

“A man can become real when he discards his human mind world and his false self that lives in it.
Then, only what is real remains, and he can be reborn as a complete person.”
Woo Myung

Toward an Eternal Happy Life

“Cleansing one’s self is to completely eliminate one’s self and this is the way to truly discover one’s true self, it is the path toward eternal happiness.”
Woo Myung

The Human Mind to the Universe’s Mind

“This meditation is subtracting the false human mind and changing it to the true mind of the Universe.”
Woo Myung

Becoming One and Living a Life of Nature’s Flow

“The meditation is living for others once one has achieved completion, so ultimately it contributes to the peace of the world.”
Woo Myung


“I study and think over the way I can deliver the method of being the Truth
to the people so they can understand easily.”
Woo Myung


    1. BOOKS

Recovery of Human NatureVIDEO VIEW

  • Book Review of Woo Myung’s Books / Through Ma-Eum Su-Ryun meditation, Teacher Woo Myung helps people find Truth within themselves. These are book reviews of his books from readers worldwide.

    Lecture of Woo Myung During a month of May, 2013 Teacher Woo Myung lectured on Mind Subtraction in 9 cities around Latin America.

    Books, The Ideal Literature The books authored by Woo Myung, written with the true mind, are being translated into many languages, including English. Called 'Ideal Literature' they suggest the method to lead people to human completion.

    SubtractionMeditation Method Ever since Woo Myung realized his destiny was to teach Truth to the world, he developed the method to become Truth. This was the origin of Ma eum soo ryun. The world of the True Self can be reached easily as step by step we cleanse our mind.

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