Who Is Woo Myung

The Author of

The Author Who Writes Truth:
Writings, Calligraphy, Music, and Illustrations That Express the Path to Truth

“I write and write calligraphy and prose, and in order to teach people Truth in the easiest possible way, I live writing, then writing some more.” – Woo Myung

Woo Myung is the author of several bestselling books, as well as a poet, composer, lyricist, illustrator, and calligrapher. What differentiates him from most authors is that he does not write in order to show his artistic or creative abilities. In fact, he has said that writing, drawing, and composing were things he would not have been able to do before he became Truth. He does all these things in order to make people understand the ways of the world, and how to more easily become Truth.

All of his works are motivated by a single desire – to do his best in teaching Truth. To date, he has written ten books, including three collections of poetry, composed the music and lyrics for 23 songs, and produced over 40,000 pieces of calligraphy and hundreds of illustrations.

One Brush Stroke

In early 1996, after achieving the complete Truth and realizing that it was his destiny to teach Truth to people of the world, Woo Myung began writing through the night, without sleeping. He reveals in his book that he knew absolutely nothing, yet there was nothing he did not know as he had the eyes and ears of heaven.

The first draft that he writes is his final draft. He does not spend time editing or worrying about how to include literary devices, and it is the same with his calligraphy. All of his calligraphic works are completed rapidly, in a single session sometimes lasting only seconds, with what appears to be a single stroke of the brush.

All of Woo Myung’s works are extremely clear and simple, because stories of Truth that come from the consciousness of the Universe do not need to be decorated or padded out.

A World-Wide Bestselling Author

Each of his books has become a bestseller, often maintaining their bestselling ranking for several weeks. They have been translated into English, Spanish, Japanese, French, and Chinese; and for his latest book, Stop Living In This Land, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever, he was nominated by Amazon.com as a bestselling author, ranking in the 20th-24th place overall as well as 1st place in several categories.After ranking No.1 in 10 categories including Meditation, Self-Help, and Philosophy, the book ranked No. 1 in the Overall Weekly Bestseller List.

Opening the Door to Ideal Literature

Woo Myung’s books explain why we must cleanse our minds, the origin of our existence, life, death, the ways of the Universe and the true world that lies beyond our mind worlds. They are spiritual and philosophical in that they deal with deep and profound subject matters, but in extremely easy and simple language that anyone can understand. They also have practical value in that they explain how one can live life having become the Universe.

Woo Myung’s books bring what were previously difficult theoretical concepts such as ‘original nature,’ ‘God,’ ‘mind,’ ‘Universe,’ ‘eternal life,’ and ‘human completion’ into our lives and everyday vocabulary. He lets us know that these are not distant conceptions only achievable by the very few, but realistically and practically achievable by all in our daily lives, and furthermore, that they are the fundamental reason and meaning of our existence.

A world in which all people live as one is the complete world that we all dream of – the ideal world. He tells us that this ‘ideal world’ can be fulfilled right here, right now. Woo Myung, who has explained how we can recover our spirituality and become Truth through his ten books, says that the ideal world we dream of is possible when we change our human minds to the mind of Truth, the mind of the Universe. It is because he clearly shows the path toward this end that his books can be called ‘ideal literature.’

The ‘ideal’ is a state of completeness, which makes true and lasting happiness possible and is man’s fundamental and ultimate purpose. Literature that guides man to the level of completion is truly ‘ideal literature,’ and only ideal literature can take us to the ideal world.