The Method Begins


Scientific and Systematic 7-Level Method

The method of Meditation is developed in succession, level by level, until people become complete. Woo Myung’s method is scientific and systematic – as much as one discards his false self and his false minds, enlightenment is experienced to that extent.

Enlightenment is what one comes to know as much as he has become free from his self-centered minds. There are enlightenments that come without having to be taught, after mastery of each level. There is a way to self-confirm the enlightenments with each level as he progresses.

It is possible to find one’s true self that is liberated from all things – one’s original nature and true self that is one with the infinite Universe. A person who has become completely enlightened of this becomes one with all things, and naturally comes to live a life of Truth, which is a life lived for others.


Formula for Human Completion