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Institute of Human Completion

Mission: The Institute of Human Completion exists to assist all people to realize their original true minds; resulting in coexistence,’beautiful COEXIST,’ through mind-elimination programs.
Philosophy: The foundation for all education should be based on each individual’s recovery of the original mind. When accumulating advanced knowledge on such foundation, the educational goals of progressive development of nations, humanitarian endeavors for the humankind, and enhancement of quality of life could be greatly accomplished.

The Institute of Human Completion is an organization founded for education and consulting services for human completion. Its purposes are to foster recovery of the original true mind and to promote coexistence, ‘beautiful COEXIST,’ through a mind-elimination in various public and private businesses, corporates, facilities, and organizations. Since the establishment in 2012, the Institute took over many training programs and educational lectures previously managed by Association of Ma-Eum Su-Ryun. The Institute’s mind-elimination program is based on the principle of the meditation which is changing of the human mind to the Universe mind.

Through emptying the human mind, the expansion of consciousness, recovery of true self, and further spiritual development occur and this change doesn’t only affect the individual. The true transformation of the individual, which occur through genuine self-reflection, leads to changes in family and other social relationships, as well as the organization in which the individual is a member of.

The growth of group or organization is evident when its members are transformed through the mind-elimination program. The conflicts and struggles between the members which often occur in an organization can be solved and this could lead to better working relationships and performance. The Institute of Human Completion aims to assist all people to recover their true minds to live happily as complete human beings.

The staff members of the institute are composed of professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as medicine, education, and art, who completed the meditation levels. Such experts from various professional knowledge, experience, and skills enrich the institute’s program.

Key Services Offered

Contractual education and training in the administrative facilities, public and private businesses, social organizations, and educational institutes.

Guest Lectures

The knowledges of knowing and discarding the mind are required for self-reflection; mind education is vital for the employees or members of the organizations.

Educational Consulting

Costumized programs based on the needs of organizations or facilities are developed and planned.



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