Becoming One Through
the Meditation Programs

“It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters.” – Woo Myung

Anyone Can Practice Meditation

Anyone can practice the Meditation. It is a practice one must undertake by oneself. But it is also a practice that needs some help along the way. This is because each person has a picture world which has become deeply engrained within. With the guidance of the meditation helpers, students can find the meditation much easier than just doing it alone.

Woo Myung has tirelessly taught students his meditation method. He has also taught the students how to practice ‘young-nong meditation’ – a form of meditation through which the students who are Level 4 and above, take part in agrarian activities as a way of cleansing the body and mind. During the day, he would guide students in young-nong meditation in the fields, and then in the evenings he would give lectures. Even after the scheduled meditation sessions were over, he would stay up until late helping people giving the message of Truth.

Woo Myung has often said,
“It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters.”

His purpose has been to make it possible for others to attain enlightenment just like him and to become complete beings so that they may help others to find the path to their true self. Regardless of age, background, profession, or the environment from which they came, those who have abandoned their selves and have reached completion are currently living their lives helping others.

Our meditation transcends beyond borders, races, and cultures, which is why it is the fastest way to achieving inner peace and human completion.