Why live?

I am a middle school teacher currently but my first job assignment was at a vocational high school. The school had many problematic students with absenteeism, violence, robbery…. As a home room teacher, I was at police stations quite often. To become a perfect and outstanding teacher in order to control and impress students, I attended martial arts classes in early mornings and audited courses at a learning center after work. But the students did not change and I was exhausted after a few years. The world (school and students) were the same. Since the world did not change as I wished, I was full of frustrations and irritations. A hardship started in my perfect life. Later on, my drive for life decreased and I did not want to live in the world. I wanted to leave Korea. Around that time, my closest friend wrote a lengthy genuine letter to recommend this book. I was very thankful for his initiative to understand me and even though I did not want to read this book at first, I finished reading it in two months. This book enlightened me to my attempt to have the world fit my ways of thinking and frames of my mind. This book taught me about the nature’s flow. The nature that is the world, gives us oxygen, water and everything without the mind of giving; the mind of nature that does without the mind of doing is the true love. I had too many of “having done.” Too much……I expected too much and too highly. This was the first book in my life to help me truly self-reflect. I really recommend this book strongly. It explains in detail how to live according to the nature’s flow.

Young-hee Chun/Teacher/Busan