The Place Where One Can Learn of Truth and Become Truth

Many people are curious about our meditation and what is done here. There must be reasons why it keeps flourishing as time goes by; and why people recomment it to their loved ones, families, relatives, and friends.

Here, we discard our self-centered delusions, and the shadows of past memories which are illusions. It is a place where we discard even the Universe that exists within our delusions, and thereby realize the Truth. From start to finish, we only discard our “selves”. When one’s self no longer exists in the Universe, and even the Universe and its creations disappear, the pure Universe – the pure emptiness itself – remains. It is a place where one is resurrected with the body and mind of the pure emptiness, thereby becoming the Truth and living as the Truth. It is about ignoring and denying one’s self; a place where one’s self is discarded. This is because it is possible to be resurrected as the Truth only when one’s self no longer exists.

We must become real now, while we are alive. We must go to the real world, the eternal land of happiness, now, while we are still alive.

Everything one sees and experiences is the reflection of one’s own self; they are all one’s own form and karma. Therefore, when one reflects back on himself without blaming the world or others, when one completely repents his hypocritical and selfish being that lives only for himself; he becomes the Truth and he is born in the world of Truth.

There is an old saying that people bask in their own greatness when they succeed; while blaming their ancestors when they fail. Nobody in the world knows that they are living wrongly. All people believe that those around them are wrong while they are living the right way, which is the reason they blame others.

We must stop blaming other people; we must own up to our faults and blame ourselves. Even others’ wrongdoings lie in the fact that those wrongs exist in our own minds. Those we dislike exist because hate exists in our hearts; our enemies, those we love, those who are successful and those who fail, all exist because these factors exist in our minds. Therefore, we must all discard the things that exist in our minds.

As we discard our false minds, as much as we have become the true mind, as much as our minds have become clean, our minds become that much more peaceful. All illnesses come from the mind so as we cleanse our minds, we become cured of our illnesses and become healthy.

Now anyone can become a saint, and know the principles of the world; anyone can know that life and death are one while they are alive and achieve human completion. Therefore, this is the place where the fundamental reason and purpose for human existence become fulfilled.