Oct 2012 (English First Edition)
Sep 2001 (Korean Revised Edition)
Format: Hard Cover
Size: 13.2 × 21.2 cm
Length: 206 pages

English, Italian, Korean


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The Dawn of the New World

Mind (Poetry Collection)

Writing that guides the reader to great freedom – the kind of freedom that allows one to live life and yet not dwell in life; to the path of living a life of wisdom. Each line of each poem was written with the hope that each reader will begin to live with the mind of the Universe, soothing and purifying readers, and helping to guide people to the true world.

Book Excerpts:

Mind When the wind blows,
I follow the wind;
and when the rain falls,
it soaks my body.
When you live life without minds,
life is simply what it is.
Without blaming time that continues to pass,
I just live.
Unaware of good or bad,
I just live.

The Story about Book:

Woo Myung’s poetry is completely uncontrived; none of the vocabulary or phrasing was chosen for decorative purposes. They were written simply as the words flowed from a place of pure consciousness. Each word used seem as if they have always been in their places – where they should be and have always been. When the poetry is leisurely savored, it is possible to have the most beautiful possible human experience and become one with nature, at times becoming a tree, the water, or the sky.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: