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Program for COEXIST

What is ‘Mind Elimination_ COEXIST’? The goal of ‘Mind Elimination_ COEXIST’, is to encourage oneness in organizational cultures, to facilitate performance improvement, and to promote happiness of individuals. Through the mind-elimination method of meditation, the program would foster the change from negative to positive mindset.

Introduction to the ‘Mind Elimination_ COEXIST’

The ‘Mind Elimination_ COEXIST,’ is comprised of 5 programs all emphasizing the recovery of true self. The impact on consciousness transformation differs according to the programs.

Self-Reflection Program

From negativity to positivity, the program to self-reflect and throw away the mind to progress onto the true mind.

Introduction to self-reflection I
Introduction to self-reflection II
The mind-elimination and self-reflection

Selected Topics Program

From closure to aperture, the program to awake the individual and the organization’s infinite potential (communication, happiness, wisdom) through the mind-elimination to open the mind.

The door to communication through the mind
The door to happiness through the mind
The door to wisdom through the mind

Camp Program

The Institute supports various types of camp programs.

The Meditation Teachers’ Training
The Meditation University Student Camp
The Meditation Youth Camp

Customized Program

The development of customized program using selected topics is available depending on the request or suggestion of the organizations.