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Program Review

After attending the program
one will know the roots of all problems through self-reflection. As one throws away his false mind, the behaviors naturally change, along with experiencing many other positive results. It makes the fundamental changes.

Testimonials from the Participants

Through this program, I self-reflected to find that the heavy burden I felt was my fault, not my family or others. This was an opportunity to learn the method to help empty out resentments in the mind and to win over any future hardship or suffering. Through this opportunity for self-reflection and mind-elimination, I feel that I could use the method that I learned through the program, to relieve bad feelings or insecurities in my job and personal life going forward. The fact that I was able to reflect on myself during the meditation, and the fact that I was convinced to continue the mind-elimination through understanding the easy and logical lectures ? I am really thankful!! For giving such genuine and warm lecture!! It was an opportunity to let go of accumulated resentments. I will live with more humility and gratitude.
Administrative employee at SK Telecom, 35

It was good to have the opportunity to reflect on my past and throw at least a bit away of the false images that possessed me. But through this training, I feel that my mind has expanded and able to understand others more. Now I feel that I can be accepting and generous from objective point of view.
Kim Kyung-ho, 42, Seoul

I haven’t had any self-reflections like this for an extended period of time. I started this with thinking that I am cleansing my mind like clearing out old baggage, but as my insomnia resolved and had less wandering thoughts, I was amazed at the method. Before, I had so many wandering thoughts continuing in my mind whenever I closed my eyes, night or day; such symptoms have disappeared and my mind is clear. I think this is “the mind of nature”, “the Universe mind” that I only heard about. I think I will continue to meditate.
Kim Woo-yong, 45

I earned much during the meditation. I kept throwing out, but I had so much false images in my 55 years of living, there was no end to it. But when I threw them out, it was gone and each time I knew it, I was so happy. The conflict between my boss and co-workers, mistakes I made at work, despair or sadness I felt, stress, unfairness, and suffering…it was amazing I could throw them all out. Those minds were originally non-existing false images. I understood that because I held those false images as true images, I was self-centered and negative. As I kept throwing out my negative mind, I became positive, grateful, and joyful person. This meditation brings healthy mind and consciousness.
Kim 55 / Seoul Metropolitan Government

I used to anger easily. I was rushing around chased by time and was quick to anger when things did not turn out as I wanted. Even though I wanted to change, I couldn’t fix myself and continued to repeat it. As I meditated, I found out that the root of the problem was my pictures in my mind. Because I knew the cause, I was able to throw it out better. After 2 weeks, I did not anger easily and it seemed like there was no reason to be angry. I fixed what I wanted to fix and I have become a different me.
Yi 56 / Seoul Metropolitan Government