For the Completion of All People – A Never-Ending Schedule of Seminars

Since founding Subtraction Meditation in 1996, Woo Myung has spoken at innumerable seminars and lectures. As long as there were people waiting in search of their true self, there was nowhere he was not willing to travel to. His world tours which began in Korea, and has spanned Asia, Europe, U.S., Oceania, Africa and South America, continues to the present day. Woo Myung’s lectures are clear, thoughtful and easy enough for anyone to understand. Through them, countless people have realized the need to cleanse their minds and began practicing the Subtraction Meditation, thereby finding their true selves and achieving human completion. Here, a few of his lectures from his seminar tours have been excerpted and published. “I wait and wait for the day when all of mankind becomes complete and live. It is my hope that before I die, the Truth will spread all over the world and all people will be resurrected as the Truth. It is my will to work hard, so that even one more person may live.” – Woo Myung