Hope to find the true meaning in the pure universe

Woo Myung is the author of many books on meditation, a number of which have been translated into English. Stop Living in This Land: Go To The Everlasting World of Happiness: Live There Forever; is the most recent. In this handsome presentation, both the calligraphy and illustrations are by the author, and offer visual imagery that correspond beautifully with the essays and poetry. A native of South Korea, Myung grew up in a culture that focuses on hard work, perseverance and success. Despite his many accomplishments, he was greatly disturbed by the insufficiency and anxieties of life. In 1996, after years of effort searching for inner and outer peace, he attained enlightenment while meditating in the Gaya Mountains, and became Truth. After that, Myung dedicated to helping others attain enlightenment by cleansing the self-centered body and mind through eight levels of meditation. The fact that his centers can be found around the globe underlines his conviction that the world where people live without the mind of self will be a truly joyful place to live. . . it will be a world without divisions between nations; a just world where people are honored to live for others. Other books by Myung that have been translated into English include The Way to Become a Person in Heaven While Living and World Beyond World. They will all be welcomed by readers seeking relief from personal stress and anxiety, and hoping to find the true meaning in the pure universe, through the enlightenment of meditation.